Feedback and Complaints handling

Victorian Project Management Group welcomes all feedback, including complaints.

We encourage people to speak up as it helps us to develop a better service to meet our customers’ needs and deliver positive outcomes.

Victorian Project Management Group will:

• resolve your complaint in a private, confidential, fair equitable and timely manner and all views will be respected.

• help you find a support person or advocate to assist or represent you if you want one

• support you with your right to take the complaint to external agencies if you wish to do so

• ensure that there are no negative consequences or disadvantages to you because you have made a complaint.

How to provide feedback or make a complaint?

You can provide your feedback or make a complaint by calling us on 0435787016 or send us an email at

What happens when you have made a complaint with us?

We aim to resolve the complaint as quickly as possible.
Our complaints procedure requires that we:

• take immediate action where there appears to be a high risk of harm, neglect or abuse
• aim to acknowledge complaints within the next business day from receipt
• call you within two business days of acknowledgment
• aim to resolve the complaint within 21 business days of receipt

We will contact the person or organisation you have complained about, provide them with details of the complaint and ask for their comments and relevant information.

We will then advise you what the response to your complaint has been and what resolution has been suggested.

What if the resolution is unsatisfactory?

If you are dissatisfied with the resolution of the complaint, you can ask for a supervisor or manager of Victorian Project Management Group to review the complaint and how it was handled.

Are there any additional steps that I can take?

If the resolution is still not satisfactory, you may seek assistance from to the relevant Commission or Ombudsman including:

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